If you often transfer important information on the network, host it in the clouds or on third-party servers, it would be useful to think about data protection. Files can be conveniently placed in the archive of its owners.

You can do all this using macOS settings without external applications and services.

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How to Password Protect Owner Data on macOS

1. Collect all the necessary data in one folder. To do this, you can place files in Seeker and select the item New folder with selected objects from the context menu.

2. Launch the application disk utility. You can find it in the folder Programs, Launchpad or via search spotlight.

3. From the menu bar, select File – New image – Image from folder …

4. The created folder with files is used in the selection window.

5. Select the type of encryption and set a password to open the image.

6. In a few seconds, a kind of archive (image) will appear, in which all the recovered files will be located.

The password to open the image can be stored in the keychain

The image is mounted as a removable drive and will be password protected when opened. Conveniently, you can save it in your keychain and not enter it every time on any of your computers.

Such an archive can be safely sent in instant messengers, placed in the cloud or transmitted over the network. The data in it is securely encrypted and not found in the wrong hands.

Before creating an image, you can choose its type: read and write, read only or data compression

Another interesting option Disk Utility creating an archive with access only for reading. No one can change the original data. Convenient when sending reports, finished projects to the customer, etc.

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