Bananas were proposed to become a socially significant product in Russia. Such an initiative will be considered by the Ministry of Economic Development, reports Izvestia.

Bananas can become a socially significant product in Russia

The publication published the minutes of the meeting of the government commission for economic development. The document indicates that the department will have to solve the problem of classifying bananas as socially significant goods. It is also proposed to cancel the customs duty rate for this fruit.

The government press service noted that the task force initiative is under development.

The State Duma noted the expediency of such a measure, since bananas are in demand among Russians, and the abolition of the tax will not have a critical impact on the budget, since it will increase the supply.

According to the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Nikolai Arefiev, the proposed measure is associated with the growing popularity of bananas among Russian consumers. The parliamentarian compared this fruit to Doshirak instant noodles.

“This government proposal is apparently related to the desire to reduce the increase in the prices of goods, because bananas in Russia, like Doshirak, are a very popular product among Russians, very satiating, high in calories and at the same time healthy,” Arefiev said. .

Currently, the basic rate of customs duty on bananas remains at 4%, but not less than €0.015/kg. One of the main suppliers of this fruit is Ecuador. Last year, banana shipments decreased, while their cost increased.

In April 2022, 1 kg of bananas cost an average of 115.2 rubles. By April of this year, the price had risen to 129.5 rubles. At the same time, bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the Russian Federation. Its consumption is 0.8 to 0.9 kg more than apples and reaches 9.8 kg per capita per year.

Bananas are included in the diet of students at Moscow universities, SberMarket found out. This fruit is included in every fifth order.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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