The shortage of tires and motor oils for heavy trucks, Tinkoff Bank UnionPay cards for all customers, sales of products without quality certificates will be blocked by other events on May 23.

Tire Shortage, Tinkoff Bank Issued UnionPay Cards To All Customers – Top Things May 23


  • Tinkoff Bank will issue UnionPay cards from May 23. They can be used to pay in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, many countries in Asia, Africa and South America.
  • Up to 80% of small and medium-sized banks in Russia could disappear, close or be taken over, within 10 years, Forbes has found.
  • Revenues of the Russian budget for January-March amounted to 5.678 trillion rubles, expenses – 7.764 trillion rubles, according to the Ministry of Finance.
  • Russian banks issued about 1 million payment stickers in the first quarter. The income of credit institutions from the sale of stickers amounted to 400 million rubles, Vedomosti writes.


  • Sales of products without quality certificates will be blocked. Each product will have an identification number, it will be linked to a specific certificate.
  • Citizens of Russia can receive state assistance in the amount of up to 350 thousand rubles for opening their own business by issuing a social contract if their income level is below subsistence level in the region, Prime writes.
  • The company “Red October” plans to enter the Egyptian market. Registration and certification are currently underway, Izvestia reported.


  • In January-March 2023, 24.5 thousand electric scooters worth 575 million rubles were sold in Russia. This is 43% more than the same quarter in 2022. The top three are Kugoo, Hiper, Ninebot.
  • In Russia, there is a shortage of tires and motor oils for heavy trucks. It will take several years to stabilize the situation, Vedomosti learned.


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