Russian interest in digital nomad (Digital Nomad) visas in January-April 2023 increased almost five times, or 375%, compared to the same period last year, according to a study by consulting firm ZNV Consult, the results of which were reviewed by RB.RU.

Demand for digital nomad visas increased sharply among Russians in 2023

For comparison: over the same period, the demand for start-up visas among compatriots increased by only 30%.

The most attractive countries for obtaining a digital nomad visa for Russians were Spain (37% of all applications), Portugal (17.5%), Croatia (8.5%), Montenegro (7.1%), Italy ( 7%), Argentina (5.3%). ) and Greece (4%).

The least popular destinations are Vietnam (0.25% of all requests), Czech Republic (0.25%), Costa Rica (0.3%), Mexico (0.4%), Estonia (0.4%) , Georgia (0.6%), United Arab Emirates (0.76%).

On the topic: How digital nomadism will develop in 2023

Most often, residents of the Central, North-Western, Volga, Siberian and Southern federal districts were interested in digital nomad visas in 2023.

“At the moment, the Digital Nomad visa is one of the easiest ways for Russian specialists and businessmen to become legal in one of the EU countries. According to our forecasts, this year the digital nomad visa has every chance to become one of the most popular programs in Europe for relocation,” said Natalya Zagumennykh, CEO of ZNV Consult.

ZNV Consult specialists analyzed data from open sources as well as their own data. Content analysis was used as a research method. In January-April 2023, analysts recorded 15.6 thousand digital nomad visa applications, for the same period in 2022 – 3.3 thousand.


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Source: RB

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