A team from the University of Hawaii at Manoa designed and actively developed the setleyball tool for bioforelin. The NASA technology is very interesting and will certainly be part of this rover. The tool was called “BioFinder”, its purpose is to search for traces of life on other boards.

Organic substances such as lipids, amino acids and proteins can create forescension at both 2 There are many interdependent combinations depending on the proportion, loss of violet, infrared light and.

The task of biofinder is to highlight the trace of the real Cheny admit that the mechanisms for replacing oranica with minerals are not yet completely clear, but BioFinder uses a low-power laser and camera to capture the reflection of life in the consciousness of time on video, detecting investigators where they are looking for traces.

The device will use hh short exposure to eliminate interference from mineral glow or daylight. Biofinder is impressed with the oanic even with R r r r r r r s s with s with s with s with d d d d d a he successfully finds traces of people who lived tens of millions of years ago. If such a device is installed on the rover, it will probably give an answer to the early question “Was there ever been Mars?

Source: Tech Cult

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