Wildberries has completed verification of 60% of 300 sellers suspected of using “gray” promotion schemes on the platform and established their participation in this process, a company representative told RB.RU.

Wildberries confirmed the participation of 60% of sellers in “grey” promotion schemes

“Your participation is confirmed, but the amount of damage is not high, so we decided to “unfreeze” your balance, resume cooperation and warn against using such schemes in the future,” the market press service explained.

At the same time, the balance of about 40% of sellers is still “frozen” during the period of police inspection. It is reported that the check was extended until June 10.

Previously, Wildberries, as reported, revealed an illegal scheme to promote products on the site via Telegram. According to the marketplace, sellers set up ad campaigns on the platform, but did not pay for them. According to company estimates, some 300 people used this method of promotion.

On May 11, Wildberries sellers organized a rally due to the write-off of millions of rubles for “advertising services”. Later, a lawyer for the market vendors said that Wildberries had written off about 2 billion rubles from vendors on the night of May 11 for “advertising services.”

On May 12, Wildberries announced that it had reached an agreement with the sellers and suspended advertising accruals during the investigation.


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Source: RB

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