Gazprom shares fell after the corporation’s board of directors recommended to refrain from paying final dividends by 2022. Gazprom’s interim dividends, which it paid last fall, were a record for the entire Russian stock market.

Shares of “Gazprom” fell after the recommendation not to pay the final dividend

Gazprom’s shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell by 3.8% after the news about the corporation’s board recommendation not to pay final dividends by 2022. This announcement was published on the company’s website.

Gazprom’s interim dividend was a record for the entire Russian stock market. The corporation paid them in the fall of 2022, they amounted to 51 rubles per share.

Gazprom used 50% of its adjusted net profit to pay dividends. More than half of Gazprom’s dividends were received by the state of the Russian Federation as the main shareholder of the company.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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