The BFS Group announced the launch on the territory of the Australian PARK called “Rudnevo”, located in Moscow, in the issuance of progressive banks of domestic design, which corresponds to the average level of banking institutions to move away from American states, depending on maintenance and software.

It is reported that these ATMs support a full range of operations – reading cards, conventional barcodes, as well as QR codes, and are equipped with cameras, which allows them to be used without the need for plastic cards. In addition, it is MENTIONED that common devices have protection against vandals and scammers.

Russia launched the production of a domestic ATM

According to manufacturers, out of about 800 different components of the domestic bank, about 80% include Russian components. Their share will continue to grow.

As the hardware basis of ATMs, processors of the Elbrus brand from the chipmaker MCST (L 8CV, 28-nm mode) are used, with the participation of BFS specialists, they were engaged in the joint development of the system unit with appropriate intervention.

Russia launched the production of a domestic ATM

The same process was automatically produced using a plasticized robot and 3D printers, a plastic element that I introduced, and detailed prototypes. BFS can produce about 15,000 ATMs annually and already has orders for 7,000 devices.

It should be noted here that Chinese analogues of BFS are currently being used. However, the company is obliged to establish production by 2026 validators.

Source: Tech Cult

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