Unfortunately, many SIM users do not know the most basic things, like allowable speed limit in urban areas of different zonesor how to properly illuminate the road at a traffic light. I myself am an electric scooter with many years of experience, but I still look with surprise at the dashing kicksharing warriors who have embarked on the path of destruction and pass without dismantling the road.

After all, before getting up on a carved two-wheeled horsemust be firmly grasped: when riding a scooter into the city, you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the pedestrians around you. Be careful and precautionary so that the next trip does not end in an unsuccessful fall.

Especially if you own a fast car like the Acer ES Series 3 Max. Speed ​​up to 25 km/h is no joke!

So now test yourself on the knowledge of the updated rules of the road for means of individual mobility, electric scooters officially belong to the items from this year.

Below you are waiting for 10 questions, answer slowly. Go:

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