iOS 17 may launch with a new feature that turns iPhone’s lock screen into a ‘smart screen’. The news was announced by journalist Mark Gürman. Bloomberg and trusted source for Apple jobs.

According to the information, interface can show details about weather, appointment schedule and recent notifications. Therefore, in order to see these notes, the user must keep the iPhone locked and position it in a horizontal position.

According to Gürman, it would be news Expansion of lock screen widgets introduced in iOS 16. Content will also be displayed on a dark background with light text.

Google’s similar concept at a Glance

The new functionality in iOS 17 is similar to Android’s At A Glance. When Google Pixel phones are placed on a charging dock, the user can choose to see details like calendar, weather and other notifications on the lock screen.

Then the phone owner can choose different note display settings. The person can also opt for a slide show with pictures from the Google Photos app.

magnetic stand for iPad

of iOS 17

Gürman says that Apple is considering using the new lock screen feature on the iPad. According to the information, this could be about big tech developing a magnetic base for tablets..

The accessory will be an Apple strategy to compete with the Google Pixel Tablet, which uses a speaker charging base. By placing the device in the dock, it can become a control center for Google Assistant-connected smart devices.

Anyway, Apple should reveal all the news about iOS 17 at WWDC. The developer conferences, which will be broadcast live from Cupertino, California, will take place from 5 to 9 June 2023.

Source: Tec Mundo

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