Moscow startup Alliesverse has developed the first AI-based virtual lawyer in Russia. LawAI can think, analyze and learn on its own, the creators emphasized.

Moscow startup develops AI-based virtual lawyer

Russia has developed the first virtual lawyer based on artificial intelligence. Oleg Lisyansky, CEO of the developer company Alliesverse, told Vedomosti about this.

The difference between a virtual lawyer and the analogs is that they are programmed models that work like a search engine on a static data set, and LawAI can think, analyze and learn itself, the developer emphasized.

The neural network model in the preview version finds the answer to the question asked, deciphers legal terms, searches for articles of the codes of the Russian Federation. In the near future, the neural network will be trained to find court decisions by number or name.

LawAI is in beta. A full release date for the Alliesverse has yet to be announced.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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