Last year, Engler introduced a new model of the Desat electric sports car, which is considered the most powerful in the world – 1100 hp. There are less than 25 models on the entire planet that have an electric propulsion system with more than 1,000 hp. Engler Desat was not the leader of any of them, but it was not bad for him, because he was not a provocateur.

The problem is not speed, the time is 2.5 seconds, and it’s not the peak speed of 350 km / h, these are quite standard indicators. The challenge is to reach them, as the design of the Engler Desat is, in fact, an ATV. There is a motorcycle seat, similar steering and a brake system that is too weak for such a powerful machine.

Engler Desat cannot make turns at high speeds – where the motorcycle only slows down, the electric car runs the risk of overturning. It has a symbolic protection against wind load, so even in a special helmet it is inappropriate to be inside. It turns out that you can test the power of the Engler Desat electric motor only when driving in a straight line, which is unlikely for small buyers.

Engler Desat

Source: Tech Cult

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