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NASA’s Webb and Hubble telescopes have teamed up to create a complete image of the ghost galaxy.


The advances made in understanding space are impressive and offer images that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. Both the recent James Webb Space Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope have joined forces to capture the ghost galaxy M47.

This galaxy is 32 million light-years away, although these figures are approximate as they may vary depending on the moment at which it is measured, from the Earth and it is located in the constellation Pisces. The ghost galaxy has a characteristic structure that has been studied for several years..

The way it is arranged makes it especially striking due to the fact that it has a spiral shape that is constantly branching. Thanks to the collaboration of these two telescopes, several images have been obtained that show the details of this galaxy..


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What’s interesting is both the colors shown and the clarity of the images that allow us to see, or at least catch a glimpse of, the vast number of stars that make up this galaxy.. In the center is a young star that glows blue, indicating that it is still in its early stages of life.

In order to get the photo that you can see as the cover, several processes were carried out, such as converting the photo to infrared so that the necessary details and colors of the galaxy can be appreciated. While the Webb telescope is new, Hubble still has a long life ahead of it as it focuses on other types of tasks.

The combination of information captured between two telescopes using the electromagnetic spectrum has resulted in images that can take anyone’s breath away.. Now we just have to wait to see how this captured information will help the investigation.

Being able to photograph something 32 million light-years away is a milestone that few people take into account, and so it’s worth mentioning the work behind it. In addition, the European Space Agency has made high-resolution photos of the Phantom Galaxy M74 available to anyone.

Leaving aside the mysteries of the galaxy and the technology that could bring these elements closer to us, the truth is that the images that can be downloaded are spectacular wallpapers for anyone who appreciates this type of element..

Source: Computer Hoy

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