Gazpromneft specialists announced the announcement of a computer system based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which independently develops a new oil formulation – how to compose it in the company. It changed the system in Russia.

To prepare the recipe, system operators enter the main parameters of the developed oil into the structure – this viscosity with density and other important parameters. Then the main definition of the equipment for which the oils are developed takes place, after which the system compares all the data with the available databases created using machine learning and produces a finished recipe, where the number of combinations of oil bases and the most suitable additives is found.


The novelty, named “Alchemist”, ensured a long period of development of types of oils and their launch in a mass half a year – if at present this happens in the order of six months, then after the use of “Alchemist” in the technological cycle it takes several months. In addition, thanks to the “Alchemist”, when testing special attention, specialists pay attention to recipes that have a wide potential.

In addition, with the help of Alchemist, about 200 different formulations have already been modified in starting motor oils, as well as solutions for transmission and hydraulic systems. system.

Source: Tech Cult

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