Developed by SurgiBox with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the natural mini-operating room is already saving nature. A new compact system for requesting the necessary conditions for operations outside the walls of the hospital. It can be placed in a few minutes and is suitable for carrying in a backpack. This gives patients a greater chance of survival, and doctors add flexibility.

The system consists of three components. This intelligent module has upgraded, lithium battery capacity and one-size sterile and sealed plastic surgical bladder. During use, it often occurs over the part of the body where the intervention of the surgeon is required. The design has a dense thickness, pre-cleaning with a HEPA air filter is supplied in front. The doctor can carry out the necessary manipulations by putting his hands in two special openings. Transparent plastic is visualized during the operation.

It is reported that 50 such kits were transferred to Ukraine, where they have already helped save 31 lives. The nearest plans include a series of releases of the SurgiField system for international organizations “Doctors Without Borders”. A new approach to efficient operations can be very useful during disasters and rescuers, if you look at it. In addition to the fact that the cost of maintaining a sufficient amount available in conventional hospitals can be reduced.

Operative surgical field

Source: Tech Cult

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