In Australia, sales of 360 Vis Nav were received from one of the most non-trivial manufacturers of household appliances and watches – the British company Dyson.

One of its main advantages is the high power of the engine, which delivers up to 110 thousand rpm, which provides sixty times more intensive suction compared to other brands of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Orientation when using the robot will focus on “high gloss” and a navigation system based on the latest technology and SLAM. Thanks to it, it will be able to work even in the dark with eight LEDs around the lens. And 26 special sensors are subject to detection and inspection in hard-to-reach corners. Know-how from Dyson is a retractable arm designed to collect dust and debris near walls, which is a stumbling block for many robotic vacuum cleaners.

360 View Navigation

One of the highest levels of 360 Vis Nav clicked on an offline route within 50 minutes of the end of the work day.

You can control its operation through a special application. As it is used, the vacuum cleaner will clean more and more efficiently, thanks to the compilation of the “dusty” crankcase of the room. In Australia, the 360 ​​Vis Nav will sell for AU$2,400, which will be available 1590 dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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