Business Insider journalist Michael Gartenberg told why the iPhone is oblivion anyway. Now it occupies a stable position, but it cannot last forever – sooner or later it will be replaced by a more up-to-date device.

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The iPhone has been assembled in the mobile industry for so long that what is known as “irreplaceable credibility” has been achieved.

This is something that users simply cannot find a replacement for.

As an example, Business Insider writers get the New Jersey Turnpike toll. It is so convenient that even Elon Musk’s new high-speed underground tunnels are unlikely to attract the attention of drivers. Or another example is Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They just don’t have the right suppliers, people won’t turn them down.

Today, Apple benefits from the image “safe brand“. He became the owner of such reviews from users. High quality service providers encourage customers to purchase other devices and subscribe to services from companies such as Apple Watch and AirPods, as well as Apple Music and Apple TV+.

Many believe that the Cupertino position will only strengthen over time. However, sooner or later, Apple ecosystems are used – this is simply inevitable.

Empires are born and built. from Romans to Ottomans.

– BI

But, unlike empires, Apple is unlikely to stop using it. As well as IBM with Microsoft. The last two corporations, although profitable, do not have the same market position as they once did.

How Apple can fade into the background

To understand how Apple will collapse, the authors of BI pay attention to how natural technology cycles are.

Technology changes over time and passes through five markets:

1. Several companies use different technologies that serve the same user needs.

2. The market system of production to the fact that one standard becomes an indispensable infrastructure. It’s often not the best technology in its class, but it’s catching on.

3. This standard is provided to the parties by pseudo-competitors who copy, but not so qualitatively. Bottom line: you can’t lose him. There are first signs that a competitor is taking over the export part of the market.

4. The standard again asserts the position, and believes that it cannot be placed.

5. There is a new and better technology that gives the Existing Standard.

Specifically, iOS is in the fourth stage. This operating system dominates, although it also has quite advanced competitors in the form of Android and Google and Samsung devices.

In particular, how to replace Apple and iPhone

Apple, the new company must meet the criteria:

🔺 It should offer obvious useful featuresthat can be used by end users.

One of the reasons the iPhone replaced older phones was because it had a full browser and touchscreen with zoom. This is done using the iPhone closer to the computer experience.

🔺 The company offers benefit offers for software groups. The iPhone represents a whole new market for permanent use.

🔺 The company must offer clear benefits to equipment manufacturers. If conditions one and two are met, equipment manufacturers receive incentives for development.

It doesn’t make any sense at this time to try to predict who will end up putting the ecosystem on Apple. This is a stupid problem. No one predicted the rise and revival of Apple under Steve Jobs. No one predicted the iPod and its impact on Apple’s sale.

Finally, no one predicted the iPhone and influenced its liability. Many generally treated him with great skepticism.

However, as processors become more powerful, Internet speeds are constantly increasing, artificial intelligence is getting smarter, a technology that destroys the iPhone may already be in its infancy. Another thing is interesting: will this composition be produced by Apple or someone else? [Business Insider]

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