Microsoft President and Chief Counsel Brad Smith expressed hope that next year there will be legislative regulation in the field of artificial intelligence in the United States. The senior manager believes that his country should follow the example of China, Japan and the European Union to solve this problem.

Microsoft president hopes for AI legislation in the US

“I was in Japan just three weeks ago and they have a national AI strategy,” Smith told CBS. – The world moves on. Let’s make America finally start to keep up with the rest of the world.”

The Microsoft president added that the US needs regulation on AI-generated content, especially deepfakes. Smith proposed putting watermarks on AI-generated photos and videos and prosecuting those who distribute content without these marks.

The senior manager suggested that the authorities could start developing laws as early as this year, so that the draft is ready by 2024. In his opinion, it is important to introduce “protection mechanisms” before the start of the presidential elections so as not to allow that American citizens are deceived.

In March of this year, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and about 30,000 others signed an open letter asking them to stop neural network training for six months. Smith said that he did not see this as a solution to the problem.

“Initially, it will take the government 12 months to agree on whether to take this six-month break,” said the Microsoft president.

The specialist suggested not trying to slow down the pace of technological development, but, on the contrary, to speed it up. According to Smith, China will not join the pause, but use it to their advantage.

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According to a May report from Microsoft, almost half (49%) of the company’s employees are afraid of losing their job due to the development of artificial intelligence. At the same time, the document highlights the potential of AI to simplify work and reduce digital debt.

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