Although the biggest hype is behind us, Wordle is still very popular. Are you still enjoying playing the game and need some help? These Wordle tips will help you do just that, every day.

Wordle’s rules are pretty simple: You have to guess the five-letter word of the day in six tries. Hopefully, a block turns green after each try: that means the right letter is in the right position. A yellow block means you have the correct letter, but it’s still in the wrong place. The game actually bears many similarities to Lingo.

The puzzle is not very easy and you may need some extra help.

If you still want to play fair but can’t find a word, you can use a tool like WordHippo. You can easily and quickly search for words with specific letters, so you can get the right result faster. You determine which letters a word should have and in which position they are, and the search engine does the rest.

The more accurately you search, the more accurate the results will of course be. So be careful about cheating during your daily Wordle game and you’ll be fine.

cheating in wordlea

Now we get to the real trick. Open Wordle in your browser’s incognito tab and play the game normally. Maybe you guess the word, maybe not. After a maximum of six guesses, the correct answer will always appear on the screen. You can then use this answer in your normal game session so you always seem to have guessed the correct word after a guess. This quickly gives you 2 internet points that day.

The last option spoils the game a bit. If you use the options above, you will at least continue to play the game. The third option removes the game from the game and allows you to immediately enter the correct word.

Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle, has recorded the solutions for all the five-letter words on his website. And these words can only be displayed in the site’s JavaScript. Do you want all the answers for the next few days? You arrange it this way.

Open Google Chrome and go to Wordle’s website. Open settings, go Other Tools and press option for Developer Options. press now javascript and press Ctrl + R. The document is now viewing main.c1506a22.js. Now you’ll see a lot of code, so we’re not there yet. Copy the entire code and paste it into a word processor.

Now look at the last word Wordle used as a crossword so you know what the solution is for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the weeks after. Press Ctrl + F to search for word from yesterday or today and work from there from now on. Who knows, maybe someone will search for you on Twitter.

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