MacBook users with butterfly keyboard (finally) will receive financial compensation

Apple will have to compensate Mac users for a faulty keyboard.

A judge approves financial compensation for users

Apple will have to pay financial compensation with a payment Between $50 and $395 to users who have a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard due to certain defects causing damage and repair. After a year of waiting, the class action lawsuit was finally upheld by a judge.

Apple will compensate its users financially

Apple’s butterfly keyboard made its debut with its release. 12-inch MacBook in 2015. Since then, the company with the bitten apple logo has adapted this mechanism to other products in the Mac line, with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models released until 2019.

macbook keyboard

The butterfly mechanism of the MacBook keyboard caused many problems

MacBook users have started reporting many issues and flaws with the butterfly keyboard. Keys slipped, broke or even got stuck.

Because of this issue, it eventually replaced the butterfly mechanism with a scissor mechanism and even removed the Touch Bar on later MacBook models. As a result, Apple has faced numerous lawsuits all over the United States.

macbook keyboard

Keyboard keys are easily damaged

Apple has offered to offer a completely free repair service for all MacBook users with a faulty butterfly keyboard. However, this solution was not the optimal solution because the replaced keyboard would cause the same problems in the vast majority of cases.

Finally, as reported on 9to5mac, the company agreed to pay $50 million among all affected users. You will receive financial compensation ranging from $50 to $395. The class action lawsuit was filed in the US, so for now, only users in that region will be eligible for compensation. What do you think of this discussion around the MacBook keyboard?

Source: i Padizate

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