‘No Man’s Sky’ for Mac could be released soon

The creators of the video game gave a small hint about the possibility of the game coming to macOS…

No Man’s Sky may come to Mac this year

Both No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 are two of the games that received the most criticism from the players. However, after many updates, its developers fixed many bugs and significantly improved the gameplay. Now, according to the latest information, No Man’s Sky can’t land on macOS.

One of the creators of No Man’s Sky told us on Twitter that the video game’s Mac ecosystem, or at least A possible explanation at WWDC 2023. This last possibility is of great interest, given that Apple plans to introduce Reality Pro for augmented reality and virtual reality…

Attention has been drawn to a possible release of No Man’s Sky for Mac

Sean MurrayThe founder of Hello Games and the creator of ‘No Man’s Sky’ may have indirectly leaked the precious video game’s arrival on macOS. The developer recently posted a tweet featuring an apple emoji. So is your developer company.

Just days before the WWDC 2023 celebration, everything seems to indicate what we can see. some kind of ‘No Man’s Sky’ demo on both the iPad with iPadOS 17 and Apple’s mixed reality headset.

No Man's Sky

Apple shared footage of No Man’s Sky at WWDC 2022

This isn’t the first time that No Man’s Sky has been pointed out to stream on Mac.. In fact, the game was bundled with “Resident Evil: Village” during WWDC 2022 to demonstrate the full potential of the Metal 3 API.

We don’t know when No Man’s Sky will launch for Mac, but everything seems to point to the Hello Games video game making its debut on macOS very soon. WWDC 2023 will be held on June 5So we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Apple’s annual developer conference will mainly focus on the presentation of Apple-related software news. iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10. Initially, we were told that iOS 17 will not include major new features and will focus on improving its stability, but recently we discovered some very interesting possible new features of iOS 17 in the Control Center such as a complete redesign and a new native app. your personal diary.

Source: i Padizate

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