The Google Pixel Tablet will look more like the iPad 10, with which it shares the screen size and size (about 10.9 inches). Just like Apple’s competitor, The alphabet device will receive a keyboard and a stylus.

The information was leaked by Kamila Wojciechowska via her Twitter account @Za_Raczke. According to him, Google is working on the “Stylus for Pixel Tablet” pen and “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet” keyboard. However, the accessories are still in development and have no release date.

According to the informant, the delay is not surprising. This is because Google had already delayed the launch of the Pixel Tablet for a year because it wasn’t ready.same situation with pen and keyboard.

Another leaker, Mishaal Rahman, has leaked the identity of the term “Android stylus” in the code of the major tech operating system. However, everything can stay inside Google. Accessories, like other products already developed and leaked, may not reach the shelves.

Anyway, if Google actually releases the stylus and keyboard, as with other gadgets, the products are likely to be cheaper than Apple’s. This is not the case with the Pixel Tablet.

Launched in 2022 and sold only this year, the device costs $499 abroad., around R$2,500, while the equivalent iPad 10 has a base price of $449 or R$2,300. On the other hand, Google’s device comes with a dock so that it becomes a kind of control center for smart homes, for example.

Source: Tec Mundo

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