iPadOS 17: 17 great secrets and features of the new iPad operating system

We invite you to explore all the new features of iPadOS 17.

iPadOS 17 came with multiple new software

Apple unveiled iPadOS 17 during an exciting main event at the annual WWDC 2023 conference. New software version of iPad’s operating system ipad Coming from September with a wide variety of products functions and secrets It went under the radar during Apple’s annual developer event.

In this article, we will detail some of these new functions and secrets. iPadOS 17 which is already available in beta and will greatly improve the user experience of the operating system.

Secrets of iPadOS 17

acquired by Apple many innovations mentioned by the rumors before the event While presenting at WWDC in 2023, other news such as the Control Center redesign did not finally arrive.


For the past few years, Apple has been implementing new apps. customization features With the iPad operating system and iPadOS 17 was no exception.

  • Interactive widgets on the home screen.
  • Lock screen customization.
  • New AI animations in Live Photos and wallpapers.
  • Astronomy wallpapers specially optimized for iPad.
  • Live Events on lock screen.

App improvements and system changes

Years later, Apple finally brought the app Health iOS to iPadOS 17. Alongside this innovation, Apple Insider has summarized a list of all the improvements included in native apps and other elements of the operating system.

  • The Health app has been redesigned for iPad.
  • New application Journal (Journal).
  • Mental health monitoring.
  • Update in search services.
  • More flexibility in using the Visual Editor.
  • Simplified method of activating Siri.
  • More advanced editing of PDF files.
  • Links between annotations in Notes.
  • Application shortcuts in Spotlight search.
  • External webcam support on iPad.
  • New features for the Freeform app.
  • Screen Time improvements to protect users’ vision.

Source: i Padizate

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