elon musk He is one of the most important names of our generation. After launching rockets into space with SpaceX, launching high-end electric cars with Tesla, and even buying Twitter, the internet is still wondering what’s what. Cell phone developed by the richest man in the world.

If Musk were to actually release a mobile phone, the main bet would certainly be that the company behind the development would be. tesla, even focused on the automobile and solar panels segment. While the billionaire and Tesla never announced that they are interested in working on a smartphone, fans have already imagined the concepts for what the device would look like.

Tesla Phone Concepts

For starters, Tesla PhoneAs it is known, it has only come to life in a conceptual video of the channel so far. ADR Studio, on YouTube with no affiliation with the brand or Elon Musk. production demonstrations Images of what a possible cell phone by Elon Musk and his companies would look like.

The features offered in the concept are really interesting, fast satellite link Powerful cameras to take pictures of stars from space with Starlink internet, solar charging and integration with neural implants.

The youtuber even went further and posted another video later. This time, conceptual production shows what is what. unboxing the productIt’s pretty “old-fashioned” in the mobile industry, given the behavior of brands like Apple and Samsung.

Most of these features are great in theory, but in practice it’s a different story. Connection to Starlink, while entirely possible, would require a great deal of cost due to the satellite connection. Chips implanted in the human body to mind-control devices don’t sound as good as they seem, and we’re still a long way from doing it consistently and cheaply.

Powerful cameras and solar charging make a lot of sense. Given the advances in technology already seen in television remotes, there is a possibility that the solution will also appear in mobile phones in the future.

Will Tesla Phone be released by Elon Musk?

Despite the bizarre ideas that caught the attention of fans of the brand, the Tesla Phone concept may never materialize. Still in 2020, Elon Musk posted this on Twitter: does not intend to invest in mobile phones or smart watches. Accessories for the billionaire are outdated technologies that do not deserve their investment – at least, that was the position of the billionaire at that time.

“Absolutely not. Smart watches and cell phones are technologies of the past. Neuralinks are the future,” Musk said in response to the speculative news.

With that in mind, it may never come to life to charge the Tesla Phone battery in the sun, control Neuralink implants, and receive internet signals from Starlink. It’s a pity, because SpaceX does not stop launching satellites into space.

Source: Tec Mundo

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