5 hidden details of iPhone icons you probably didn’t know

The pursuit of perfection sees Apple-designed iPhone icons in incredible detail that few know about.

iPhone icons hide many secrets

Apple is characterized by the fact that its events hide little secrets in many places, such as Easter eggs, and iOS icons are an example of this. The company pays great attention to design and every icon is thought through to the smallest detail and exemplary You have these 5 secrets of the other five icons on your iPhone which you certainly didn’t know.

Apple Maps icon shows Apple Park

Apple Maps came with iOS 6 in 2012 and icon changes across versions from the operating system of the iPhone, but they all had one thing in common: always apple campus is depicted.

The original icon showed the location of 1 Infinite Loop, Apple’s original headquarters in Cupertino. In iOS 7, the icon denoting Apple’s future headquarters has changed and With iOS 11 the Apple Maps icon has changed permanently and even shows Apple Park. A design that many don’t know how to define.

Apple Maps icon with background image of Apple Park map

The Apple Maps icon hides Apple Park. via Gadget Hacks

Flashlight icon changes button position

HE flashlight icon We make it available in several places on the iOS interface. It is located on the lock screen on the left button and also in the control center. Pressing it turns on the iPhone flash, and pressing it again turns it off.

But you definitely didn’t know that the drawing of the flashlight moves the button when we turn it on and off. When you touch, the button goes up and when you close it, it returns to its original position.

iOS flashlight icon

Flashlight button changes position

Clock icon moves its hands

HE iPhone clock icon moves like a real clock and its handles show the exact time. If you look at it, you will see how slowly they move. This wasn’t something that happened in the early versions of iOS, but it’s a detail that has been around for many years and that most people overlook.

Voice memos icon Apple “says”

Apple Voice Memos icon properties the sound wave produced when we say the exact word apple. Literally the icon says Apple. One of the most curious and hidden details of the entire list. You can try registering yourself saying Apple and you’ll see how it matches.

iPhone voice memos icon

Voice Memos icon hides an interesting secret

Calendar icon changes every day

Similar to the clock icon, the calendar icon is dynamic and it changes every day showing the corresponding date. Curiously, this icon changes without going into iPhone Settings, you will see a different icon in the calendar section.

Calendar icons on home screen and Settings

Calendar icon changes daily but different in Settings

Since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple has changed, but in details like this the essence is still very evident.. Every iOS icon has its own story and these 5 are the most curious.

Source: i Padizate

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