The Goal released this Wednesday (19) WhatsApp app for WearOS. With innovation, users Smart watches compatible with Google’s operating system It can expand the wearing experience by opening Messenger directly on the wrist.

The smartwatch version allows you to start new conversations, reply to incoming messages and answer calls.. The use of emojis and quick replies are also available on the platform.

Depending on the device model, your mobile phone does not need to be nearby to use the messenger on your smartwatch. in this situation, The smartwatch must support LTE connectivity and run Wear OS 3.

In addition to WhatsApp, Wear OS devices will receive more news soon. At its developer conference, Google also announced that it has approved other enhanced versions of third-party apps like Spotify and Peloton, as well as updates for its own software like Gmail and Calendar, among others.


Meta hasn’t released details on the app’s availability for Wear OS 3 and later. However, it is likely to be available to all users in the coming days for installation on compatible watches.

with the launch WhatsApp app for Wear OS, the messenger becomes available on a wide variety of devices. In addition to smartphones and watches, the service can be accessed from computers and tablets, the web version or certain applications.

Now, No information about the launch of a version targeting Apple’s watchOS. On Apple’s smartwatch, users can view and even reply to incoming message notifications by mirroring the iPhone app.

Source: Tec Mundo

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