Everything points to the future of the company’s next-generation smartwatch, along with the new folding smartphones that Samsung will introduce last summer. we talk about Samsung Galaxy Watch 5A model that will continue to use Google’s operating system, wear operating system. Well, an important detail about its design is known.

The first thing is that everything is an accessory. circular screen thus maintaining a fully recognizable appearance and the display uses a high-resolution OLED panel with Gorilla Glass protection as usual. You will also be able to purchase wearables with straps made of different materials to perfectly match your taste and the metallic look that the smartwatch will have. Also, as it is known, a professional version Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Where will the surprise be in this smart watch?

well and as posted will be in frame will be included in the smartwatch. The current generation of this accessory on sale includes a rotating accessory that sets it apart from most of its competitors (including Apple’s Apple Watch). With this it is possible to select the actions performed without ever having to manipulate the screen. Of course, its usability is not the best thing possible, and there are very few people who do not use this component regularly.

White Samsung Galaxy Watch


That way, it looks like the Asian company has made its decision. do not include this item on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The reason may be that apart from those already mentioned, this model includes some additional functions (even more resistance) that would make it impossible for the aforementioned bezel to work. dives There may also be a reason for this to happen). The fact is, it seems that there will be more differences than usual this time in different versions of the new generation of the manufacturer’s smartwatch.

Some known things about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

First of all, everything indicates that the battery of the device will be much larger, and its amperage will be from 1 to 30 cm. 580mAhThis means that it will be more than possible to use the smartwatch for more than two days, which is a very respectable sign for a model that will allow apps to be installed. In addition, it will offer additional functions such as being able to measure the temperature of the skin and thus fulfill its function. thermometer anytime.

Some media even suggest that this new generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 sugar meter much better access to the Internet in blood and independently (5G maybe?). We’ll have to wait until summer passes for everything to be verified, there’s no other way.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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