It gets pretty complicated to stand out in the smartwatch segment, so different manufacturers fighting for their share of the pie don’t stop thinking about things that can differ in production without causing problems. and economic gains. Well, it looks like Apple has a good ace up its sleeve. apple watch.

The truth is, for a while, the Cupertino company’s smartwatch hasn’t had major developments in what it has to do with a smartwatch. equipment, although in the functions it offers, taking advantage of the questionable limitations of the components the accessory already has (an example is sensors). Difficult to incorporate new components almost without changing the design. But Apple surprisingly seems to have a good idea to achieve this, to say the least.

What is planned to be included in the Apple Watch?

Well, the company has in mind to make much better use of the very characteristic digital crown. To do this, its design will not be changed much and something hitherto unimaginable will be added to its interior: a camera. The truth is, the idea isn’t bad at all. We explain ourselves: orientation makes all the sense in the world because nothing bothers to get a result. appropriate approach and with this inclusion, the Apple Watch can be used for additional functionality. And this is always appreciated by users.

Camera patent on Apple Watch


Obviously, to achieve this improvement, a mechanism would be responsible for pulling out the crown a little so that the camera would work as well as possible, thus avoiding possible occlusion of the user’s own wrist. And be careful, in the patent that Apple received for this idea, you can even see it happen. flash. Fantastic!

A little more detail of this idea

One important thing is that camera use can be done from the watch’s display or even from the iPhone with which the Apple Watch is synced. This way, you can have a face. far… definitely something that gets more than one person’s attention. Also, despite this inclusion, the digital crown will continue to function as usual and water resistance is not lost. And this is very important.

It is possible that this patent will never come to light, this would not be the first time (even the bitten apple company itself had on other occasions considered integrating a camera into its smartwatch, but never with such a thing as insight now). Yes there is problems That it would be necessary to see how it solves these, such as the cost of integrating the component into the Apple Watch or anything else privacy related. But at least the idea is there.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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