Apple announces the official release date of macOS Sonoma

Release Candidate version of macOS Sonoma is now available!

Apple introduced macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023

The September keynote was full of hardware news like the titanium iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra 2. However, after the event, the company also Official release date of macOS Sonoma announcedOne of the operating systems introduced at WWDC 2023.

Apple announced Launch of Release Candidate version of operating systems presented at WWDC 2023. This is the last beta version before the official launch of the final version of the software.

macOS Sonoma coming in September

OS macOS Sonoma will be generally available on September 26. And from then on, users unnerved by beta versions will finally enjoy a ton of new features, from interactive widgets to dynamic screensavers to major updates to Safari.

When September 26 came, The update will be automatically available on compatible devices to contain:

  • iMac 2019 and later.
  • iMacPro 2017.
  • Mac Pro 2019 and later.
  • Mac Studio 2022 and above.
  • MacBook Air 2018 and later.
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and later.
  • Mac mini 2018 and later.

Between News offered by the new operating system They say:

  • New use of widgets: widgets become apps We can use it very quickly. And also, They sync with widgets on iPhonebut this app is not available for Mac.
  • Animated Screensavers: Unlocking your Mac has never been this nice. New over-the-air screen protectors Apple includes in macOS Sonoma. They also sync with the wallpaper to a very cool effect.
  • Game: “Game Mode” that will significantly increase performance while playing. This mode will automatically activate in all games available for Mac.
  • Video conferences: Apple improved video conferencing on the Mac. effects that work with any video calling app.
  • Safari: Safari has improved something that almost no one else has. Privacy. Equal You can share your passwords privately with your contacts. It will also launch webapps, a quick way to turn any app into an app. This is great for services that don’t have their own app built for macOS.

If your Mac doesn’t update automatically, you can perform the process manually by going to: Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Source: i Padizate

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