if you have updated my iPhone to iOS 17 You will notice a lot of changes. You will see one of them when you charge your phone battery and place it horizontally. The iPhone screen will display the time. And if you swipe your finger over it, you’ll see other things like the weather in your area or stock market results. He Standby mode or Standby modecalled in Spanish as Sleeping mode or Rest. This is a very practical feature that allows you to turn your iPhone into a smart screen.

In the previous article we saw what this StandBy or rest mode consists of. And now that we can enjoy it on our devices thanks to iOS 17 updateseveral developers have tried your applications are compatible with this new feature. This way, you can get useful information on your iPhone in landscape mode, beyond what official iOS apps like Clock, Calendar, Maps, Apple Music or Safari have to offer.

Actually standby use widgets which you may have already seen and which you probably use on your iPhone. Both on the home screen and on the lock screen. Now you can also add them to sleep mode. And if, in addition, your iPhone model is iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the option Always on the screen Mode Rest It will remain activated without interruption.

This is a selection sleep mode compatible apps. With them, you’ll always have all the information you frequently view on your iPhone at your fingertips, and you’ll be able to use your mobile device as if it were a night watch, digital photo frame, smart screen, or home hub.


When Apple introduced widgets in iOS 14, Widgetsmith became very popular because it allowed you to go beyond what you could do with other apps of its type. And so it remained, at the foot of the canyon. In sleep mode this app still offers choices small utilities that you can place freely on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. It is used for the lock screen, home screen and, from now on, for the standby mode.

Timer for Toggle

One of the functions of Sleep Mode is to turn your iPhone into a digital desk clock. When you sleep or while you work. Thus, productivity apps are the main stars of this feature. One of them is Timery, an application that is used to Organize your time with reminders and notifications. You can now integrate it into your iPhone when it is in landscape mode and connected to a power source.


Productivity apps triumph in sleep mode

And if we’re talking about performanceWe can’t help but mention the Things app, a to-do list that offers much more features and offers support in the form of lock screen widgets, interactive widgets and, of course, Sleep widgets iOS 17.

Weather in Morkovi

Meteorology is important in your daily life

Know what will the weather be like soon? This is also important. Especially if you wake up in the morning and haven’t raised the blinds yet. Weather apps also have their place in the standby mode, apart from the official iOS app. One such application is Carrot Weather. Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, it now supports sleep mode for show you the forecast for the week on your nightstand.


Standby mode will also help you avoid missing your flight.

If you travel a lot by plane, you should install this app on your iPhone. Flyy is used for track your flights in real time and not lose details of cancellations or delays. With the sleep mode widget you will be more comfortable look at the flight while you work or when you wake up in the morning.

CardioBot Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep mode lets you view metrics on Apple Watch

Although the Health app is on the list of apps that are compatible with standby mode, if you are concerned your heart health, you might want to have a second query app on hand. CardioBot is one of the most comprehensive tools for obtaining this type of information based on the metrics obtained using your Apple Watch. And with a widget you will constantly see graphs and statistics if you have an iPhone as a smart screen on your desk or bedside table.


Overcast is one of the most popular podcast apps.

If you’re spending time I listen to podcasts, the Apple Podcasts app is integrated into your iPhone’s sleep mode. But you might prefer an alternative like Overcast. This way, you will be able to organize your episodes and chapters, as well as control playback. before bed or while working or studyingdepending on how you use iOS standby mode.

Dark Noise: Sound Machine

A Sleep Routine Can Help You Sleep Better

Is it difficult for you? sleep at night? Turning off your mind to rest isn’t always easy. But with apps like Dark Noise, you can feel the relief. It consists of sound catalog, more than 50 that will help you relax. White sounds like rain, fan noise, sea noise, birds chirping… With widget for standby mode you can choose which sound to play from your bed

Sleep tracker – Rise

When iPhone is in standby mode, it monitors your sleep using an app.

Like the previous application, Sleep Tracker – Rise combines several functions. On the one hand, it helps you sleep with relaxing sounds and meditation exercises. But also analyze your sleep hours so that this time is quality and you don’t wake up more tired than the night before. They claim that some NFL, MLB, NBA and MLS teams use it to help their players sleep and perform better. Among everything it offers are interactive widgets for Control your sleep functions from your nightstand.

Time is over! – Visual timer

Turn your iPhone into a stopwatch with sleep mode

If countdowns motivate you to work better or perform better in everyday tasks, you’ll find a good ally in Time’s Up! – Visual timer. Its mission is to remind you that time is valuable. And if you follow a productivity method like Pomodoro, which is based on… give everything in a short time, with the widget of this application you can do this comfortably. In a calmer state, it will also help you mark moments of relaxation, reading or cooking.

Social widget subscriber counter

For those who work or make a living on social media, Social Widget Follower Counter does what its name says: show indicators from sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and many more. This way you will have second screen next to you while you work with the information that is so useful if you deal with social networks on a daily basis. You can follow multiple accounts on the same network and place widgets as you wish. Don’t lose your profile details or your rivals.

Source: Hiper Textual

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