Apple has completely updated its most popular laptop. This is the first change in the family. Macbook Air after the first inclusion of the Apple M1 chip, the first processor made by the company itself, so as not to depend on the slow progress of Intel.

The 2022 MacBook Air features the new M2 processor, which, unlike other more powerful M1 versions, is an improvement in architecture and manufacturing process. Apple stated during WWDC 2022 that the goal when upgrading your processors will always be to increase power while reducing consumptionand that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with the new generation of SoCs.

The M2 integrates an 8-core CPU and up to a 10-core GPU. So in the second partition, it can have two extra cores compared to the previous generation. The new Apple M2 chip is 20% more powerful than the Apple M1 and its graphics are 25% faster in computing.. Its improvements are limited to optimizing the internal bandwidth and its architecture as it supports the 5nm chip manufacturing process.

According to data provided by Apple, the new MacBook Air is designed for 1.4 times faster than M1 model; D 15 times faster than the old version of the Intel processor. Consumption is not far behind as it offers autonomy that can be extended for 18 hours.

Not only the processor is updated. Another notable improvement was found in 13.6 inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1664 pixels. Yes, now it is slightly larger, but without increasing the size of the equipment (length 30.41 cm, depth 21.50 cm, width 1.13 cm). All thanks to the controversial design with excavation – inherited from the MacBook Pro – where a new camera is integrated, finally, Full HD. Panel features True Tone technology and maximum backlight 500 nitsso it can be viewed properly even outdoors.

This new MacBook Air with the M2 chip includes several elements that have until now only been available in Pro models, as is the case with the much-loved MagSafe. The latter, popular for its magnetic attachment system, has also been included. Plus, it’s the same color as the laptop, no matter what tone you choose, so they match. It also includes two Thunderbolt ports and a 3.5mm output jack. for headphones. The keyboard, meanwhile, includes Touch ID on the power button.

It’s a curious move as Apple reduces the differences between the hardware ranges almost exclusively to hardware power. Now consumers who want a good screen or MagSafe connector won’t have to resort to high-end hardware unless they need extra power.

MagSafe detail of the new 2022 MacBook Air with Apple M2 chip.

In terms of sound, the new MacBook Air has an integrated system four speakers with Spatial Audio support. Also has three microphones whose goal is to clearly capture what you say, no matter where you are. Obviously, multiple algorithms are also required to achieve the above.

Can be customized with up to 24GB single RAM and up to 2TB SSD. The processor can be upgraded with a 10-core version of the M2 chip on the graphics card.

New 2022 MacBook Air with M2 chip will be available from €1,519 (or $29,999 in Mexico) in silver, space gray and the new “starry white” or “midnight blue”. Due to price increases due to new features and elements of the MacBook Pro family, the MacBook Air M1 will continue to sell for €300 less.

What the new M2 tells us about Apple’s strategy

We can look at Apple’s strategy. The architecture will be updated every 2 years and starting from this base chip, more options will be offered increasing its power by combining multiple options such as M1 Pro, M1 Max or M1 Ultra.

If Apple can pair eight M1 processors without sacrificing performance or increasing consumption, then in the future it will be able to pair eight M2 processors and achieve, again, performance gains. Any small architectural performance improvements that are made in the future with the UltraFusion process will have a big impact. influence in the overall performance of future teams.

Source: Hiper Textual

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