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Apple complicates Android Auto with new version of CarPlay


As part of WWDC in June 2022, Apple showed a huge amount of news in terms of software, and this event is dedicated to everything that will make it to its devices during the new weeks. Among the new products that he showed today, he singled out a new version of CarPlay..

To date, CarPlay has always been one step behind Android Auto, but that could change soon. The new version of CarPlay has an important new feature as well as general improvements that make it much more polished software than before and, above all, more intelligent.

The main innovation of the new generation of CarPlay is that interface can be fully adapted to vehicles. Come on, the design will have a full and personalized response depending on the car it’s in, allowing users to have total control.

Among what was seen during the presentation, the general integration with the cars of the future stands out.

In fact, the example that Apple itself launched shows a vehicle that has a control center in the cabin, which is a fully extended screen.

Although this is an example, the fact that any type of vehicle, regardless of screen size, you will be able to fully integrate with CarPlay.

Also, this integration will not be limited by having more space for different controls.

You can also have various widgets and shortcuts to frequently used apps or services such as Apple Music or even shortcuts for the Apple Maps app. Come on, there would be full integration with all the services that the company from Cupertino integrates.

during the presentation Apple highlighted the fact that car manufacturers such as Land Rover, Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, Audio and Volvo among other things, they will be compatible with the new version of Apple CarPlay under iOS 16. Come on, the commitment to this new operating system is pretty big on the part of Apple.

Of course, that’s not the only thing they’ve unveiled today, and as a matter of fact, they’ve also released a new MacBook Air with an M2 processor. We will continue to tell you about all the news that will appear in a few weeks thanks to this year’s WWDC.

Source: Computer Hoy

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