In the 2000s, the mobile phone world was going through a revolution. Mobile phones, once seen as mere means of communication, have now become true icons of fashion and technology. How can we forget the classic “brick” Nokia 3310 or the iconic Motorola V3?

Each of these devices brings with it a story technological innovations and a significant reflection in Brazil. How about traveling back in time to remember some of the prominent models of the 2000s? Learn interesting facts about old mobile phones that left their mark on a generation!

1) Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310, one of the phones that is impossible to remember without thinking about the fashion of the 2000s, has gained millions of users around the world, known for its almost legendary durability. What about your famous snake game? It was a hit with teens and adults, as was the ability to change the cover.

2) Samsung SGH-A800

Samsung launched the Samsung SGH-A800 mobile phone in 2022, although it is not as popular as some competing models. The “flip” design and built-in camera were rare at the time, making the blue-light model one of the most advanced options on the market.

The Samsung SGH-A800 had a color display, which was unusual in the 2000s.

3) Motorola RAZR V3

The Motorola RAZR V3 is a legend. launched in 2004 The North American brand’s device has been sold 130 million times worldwide. The thin cover model with an external screen showing the time, date and notifications broke record after record.

Motorola V3 was left behind in 2010 with models with 3G, Wi-Fi and touch screens.

The Motorola RAZR V3 has been named the best-selling mobile phone in the United States for four consecutive years. After all, it is easy to understand why it set the trend in the mobile phone market for a long time.

4) LG Chocolate

Sliding design and sensitive touch button. Two features of the LG Chocolate that were already very new in 2006, the year of its launch. It was the combination of minimalist design and functionality that made it a favorite of the time.

LG Chocolate became LG's first mobile phone, selling 18 million copies.

5) iPhone 3G

The arrival of the iPhone 3G revolutionized the smartphone market. In 2008 it became synonymous with social status and succeeded We’re setting the standards for Apple’s future years – and other competing brands.

iPhone 3G

The modern design with touch screen and pleasant interface marked the beginning of Apple’s dominance in the world of communications. At that time, the iPhone 3G was sold in two memory options (8 GB and 16 GB).

Even though its price is much higher than other popular models such as BlackBerry, Apple’s mobile phone has become the object of desire for many people!

6)Sony Ericsson W380

Sony Ericsson W380 brought innovation to the market by introducing an external touch screen to control music. A “detail” that makes every music lover want one of these in their pocket!

Sony Ericsson W380 is remembered for its compact design and external touch screen.

7) BlackBerry Curve 8520

BlackBerrys were known for their excellent ability to access email accounts and exchange messages. mainly by the corporate public. Released in 2009, the Curve 8520 was one of the most popular models from the end of that decade, making it the obvious choice for anyone looking to try out an affordable QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 supports Word and PowerPoint files.

8)Samsung Corby

Samsung Corby has become one of the mobile phones that attracted the most attention of young people due to its affordable price, colorful covers and touch screen. The possibility of personalization, such as access to social networks Facebook and MySpace, was also a highlight.

Samsung Corby was launched to the global market in 2009.

The timeline ends here, and only babies who are part of Generation Z, that is, babies from 1995 to 2010, know what a period of great turmoil the 2000s were in the mobile phone industry!

Remembering these devices allows us to appreciate how this happens. Technological evolution has shaped the smartphone world as we know it today. Speaking of modernity, did you know that the feeling of nostalgia still influences current trends?

In fact, find out all about the comeback of the Cybershot Camera as the new fad among young people. To the next one!

Source: Tec Mundo

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