privacy is one of the most valuable assets from reality. After all, we live in an unprecedented time, and in which many of your memories – and even secrets – are stored in one place: your mobile phone. So if you want to keep your iPhone as private as possible, today we bring you a trick that you probably didn’t knowbut it will be very useful if you feel that someone is secretly using your mobile phone.

imagine the power take a photo of anyone accessing or trying to access apps your iPhone. Is it possible to do this. Of course, Apple doesn’t include it as a default option on their devices, but with one of their apps, you can create your own feature. With it, every time someone enters an app they shouldn’t, your iPhone will take a picture and email it to you. That way you’ll have irrefutable proof of who it was.

To do this, you just need to use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad. Luckily, this tool is enabled by default since iOS 12, so if you have a device version equal to or higher than this, you just have to follow the steps we leave you further in the guide.

How to set up a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad

Although this guide is for iPhone devices, you can also follow the steps from your iPad. Of course, the process is carried out from the same application, and the procedure should be fairly similar on both systems.

  1. open app labels your iPhone.
  2. tab Automationclick on Create personal automation.
  3. Choose an option Programs which is right above Airplane mode.
  4. now touch the word To choose. In this menu, find the app that you want to apply automation to. Then go to Next.
  5. In the bottom search bar type Camera. Select it and then click on to photograph.
  6. Under Take photo with camerachange rear a Frontal. In addition, you will need to click on the down arrow next to this option. In this dropdown menu, disable Show camera preview.
  7. Again we go to the search bar. Write Email address and select an application. Then click on Send mail.
  8. AT Destination, write your email address. Here is the photo. You can write whatever you want on the topic.
  9. Click the down arrow again, but this time on the mail option. deactivate Show creation sheet.
  10. click on Next and deactivate ask when doing. Once this is done, click on Smart.

Done. Whenever this label is active, your iPhone will take a picture of the person who accesses without permission to the applications of your choice. The image will automatically be sent to your email so you can catch it red-handed.

If you want to disable the shortcut, you just need to log into the app again. Click on the automation you created and disable the option Activate Automation. From now on, everything will return to normal and you will no longer receive image emails.

Source: Hiper Textual

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