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BMW Already Charging Hot Ass: The Microtransaction Nightmare Is Coming


Many times we have brought news that a car company, let’s call it Tesla, has been forced to recall about 500,000 vehicles due to software problems. But you can also say that this company is called Toyota and the error is in the flying wheels.

The world of motorsport is changing like everyone else, and that’s because we now have more product control and better monitoring. If something goes wrong, we know (fortunately), and if we want to take something for a favor, we can (unfortunately) as well.

What do we mean? Let’s see it. BMW sells subscriptions to its heated seats in several countries. That is, BMW customers who paid for this add-on must now pay a subscription to use it. Remember the mess with Polar? Well, the same.


BMW iX, the new electric SUV with a range of 600 km

This monthly subscription to heat the front seats of your BMW costs approximately $18.with the option to subscribe for one year for $180, three years for $300, or pay for “unlimited” access for $415.

It’s unclear exactly when BMW started offering this feature on a subscription basis.or in which countries, but it has already been reported that there are several points of sale that offer it in this way.

Subscription heated seats are now available in BMW Digital Stores: UK, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Verge asked BMW for the exact details of this rollout, to which BMW was unwilling to respond with great transparency: neither when the subscriptions were launched, nor in any countries.

However, it is not surprising that BMW does not announce this.. As the company announced in 2020 that its vehicles’ operating system will enable microtransactions in features such as automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control.customers are furious.

Emergency lights V16

This sets a terrible precedentsince in the case of heated seats, for example, BMW owners have already paid for the necessary equipment, in the form of additional (also very expensive) and therefore the brand just set up the blockade with software.

The future of motorsport could be dire if governments do not take action to regulate these abuses. Fortunately, the European Union is usually very strict about these it’s possible that some office in Brussels already has a deletion in place.

Source: Computer Hoy

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