Apple may have to adopt USB-C port on older iPhones in India. Authorities in the country plan to implement a law similar to that of the European Union, which standardizes entry, but for all existing models. Information taken from: Reuters.

Decision is an initiative to reduce electronic waste in the country. Until the iPhone 15, Apple adopted the Lightning port on its mobile phones as a company-exclusive standard.

Apple has approached India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to exempt older models from the new legislation. The decision will affect the country’s production lines.

According to Apple, if the law includes models before the iPhone 15, it will not be able to meet the targets of PLI (Production Linked Incentive), an incentive program in force in India.

If existing models are exempt, Apple commits to comply with legislation by June 2025. However, if this is not possible, the company will need more time to comply with the measure.

At the meeting, Apple did not specify how large the impact on production targets would be. The Indian ministry then decided to consider the company’s request and come back with a position later, according to Reuters sources.

Source: Tec Mundo

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