During these days, Microsoft powers all of its products and services with artificial intelligence using Copilot. However, the company will have very ambitious plans, as it will give this technology an even more dominant role in the next version. Window.

Reportedly Windows CenterMicrosoft is working full speed ahead to complete the next release of Windows in 2024. However, it is still unclear whether it will be the rumored Windows 12, or whether it will be presented as a great evolution of Windows 11. What will it be, though? It seems at first glance. Simple marketing drama masks a deeper debate about platform fragmentation in the market.

Whatever name they choose for the next version of their operating system, Redmond residents know one thing for sure: artificial intelligence will take center stage. Not just as a virtual assistant, as is currently the case with Copilot, but also as a technology integrated into the Windows Shell, the software’s graphical interface, and constantly running in the background.

The aforementioned media outlets indicate that this will not only allow for the implementation of a more advanced version of Copilot. It will also bring more “revolutionary” integrations like, for example, a kind of search engine on steroids. Thanks to this, it was possible to access the history that the AI ​​would permanently store in its “brain.”

With this new Windows feature, you’ll be able to recover documents, websites, and apps you used in previous weeks using a simple search query. Although artificial intelligence is also capable of understanding more complex commands in natural language.

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the next Windows

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The next version of Windows will also take advantage of artificial intelligence to perform this function. Live subtitles to another level. This feature, which was introduced in Windows 11 and allows automatic subtitles in multiple languages, will add support for real-time translations. For example, during video calls.

Likewise, Windows will have its own tool for scaling the resolution of games and videos. It will arrive under the name Super resolution and this will depend not only on the AI ​​as software, but also on the presence of a neural processor or NPU in the PC. It remains to be seen whether this type of chip, increasingly common in mobile SoCs, will become a requirement for computer manufacturers.

There will also be opportunities to improve energy efficiency as well as aesthetics. The next Windows will use artificial intelligence to create new multi-layer wallpaperwhich would lead to depth effects and the like.

In addition, some changes in desktop design are possible. There’s even mention that some taskbar elements, like the system tray, can be moved to the top edge of the screen. Will the OS look and operate like macOS? We’ll have to wait to see.

When will Microsoft’s next operating system be released?

In accordance with Windows CenterAll these changes are being developed as part of a Windows update called Hudson Valley. This will be the first product based on a new platform called germaniumwhich will be ready in April 2024. However, work on the operating system itself will not be completed until August.

If the roadmap remains unchanged, the software will be released. from September to October next year. As we indicated at the beginning, Microsoft has not yet decided whether it will introduce this version as Windows 12, about which there have already been numerous rumors in recent months, or whether it will prefer to keep it in the Windows 11 family. We indicated at the beginning. We will closely monitor this issue.

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