Lots of controversy triggered the launch of OnePlus 12 in Chinaas several Weibo users criticized some of the finishing and adhesive on the edges of the mobile phone.

However, OnePlus CEO Li Jie Luis responded to criticism from Android Authority.

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“We have observed messages circulating on Weibo that make unsubstantiated and misleading claims, and our team in China continues to monitor them and take appropriate action against them. At OnePlus, we place great importance on delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability. That’s why we design all our phones to be durable and prevent breakage, while allowing for differences in the thermal expansion and contraction rates of the materials we use.

The OnePlus 12’s impressive design uses three different materials, including the back glass, camera module, and center frame, and typically uses standard adhesives to seal the mounting points to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the device.

The device’s camera module has a curved design that serves two purposes: enhancing the aesthetics of the device and integrating an antenna to greatly improve signal reception while keeping the OnePlus 12 dust and water resistant.

Fight with Xiaomi

But the OnePlus president didn’t leave his arrows there as he also targeted the criticism of the OnePlus executive. XiaomiLu Weibing, who stated on Weibo that these problems arose due to less stringent quality control standards.

“Some brand executives often maliciously mislead the public,” a OnePlus spokesperson said, presumably referring to Lu. “They do not dare to compare the capabilities of their products and only dare to make small movements. Apparently one friend is concerned about threats to his flagship product.”

The good news in all of this is that OnePlus China allows users to return or exchange their OnePlus 12 devices if they are not satisfied.

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