Good news for Movistar (and O2) users in Spain, as the nightmares of managing an eSIM or changing a mobile phone if we already had one are a thing of the past. Movistar is the first operator to activate Fast eSIM transfer from iPhone, which allows you to digitally transfer a SIM card from your iPhone to another iPhone (eSIM) without having to go to a store or call a carrier. No QR codes and no waiting. Everything can be controlled from your iPhone.

In this way, all Movistar and O2 users will be able to independently upgrade their SIM card to a digital eSIM. This service, unlike the one offered physically, does not incur costs at either Movistar or O2. The eSIM will store the phone number and replace the physical SIM card.which will no longer be valid.

The only requirement is that you must have an iPhone running iOS 17.2 or later to complete this process, as eSIM Quick Transfer to iPhone only works on updated terminals.

How to Convert SIM Card to eSIM from iPhone

The process of making changes or transferring your eSIM is very simple. You just need to go to the mobile data settings on your iPhone and the option will be available to you:

  1. On iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile Data.
  2. Click “Convert to eSIM”.
    If you don’t see the “Convert to eSIM” option, it means your carrier doesn’t offer this service. Contact them to transfer your phone number from your physical SIM to your eSIM by activating your carrier eSIM or scanning the QR code.
  3. Wait until the eSIM is activated. The old SIM card will be deactivated when you activate the data plan on your iPhone.
  4. Remove the physical SIM card from the iPhone. Then restart your iPhone.

When transferring to another iPhone, the process will be automatic when you start the terminal and will offer you the option to transfer the eSIM.

How to transfer eSIM to another iPhone

  1. On your new iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Mobile Plan.
  2. Select the mobile plan you want to transfer from your other iPhone. If you don’t see a list of numbers, click “Transfer from Another iPhone.” Both devices require iOS 16 or later.
  3. Follow the iPhone instructions above to confirm the transfer. To confirm, tap Transfer or, if prompted for a verification code, enter the code displayed on your new iPhone.
  4. Wait for the mobile plan to activate on your new iPhone. The old SIM card will be deactivated when you activate the data plan on the new iPhone.
  5. If your new iPhone displays a message asking you to finish setting up your carrier’s wireless plan, tap it. You will be redirected to the operator’s website to transfer your eSIM. If you need assistance, contact your carrier.

And why do you want to switch to eSIM? In fact, you get rid of the physical card in your phone. With eSIM you can quickly and easily change mobile networks without having to physically replace the SIM card. It may be useful for users traveling abroad to have one from a local operator and their own, or to try different operators. Also puMay be useful for those who want to have a personal and work line.or those who want, for example, to share data with other devices.

However, the most important benefit of switching to eSIMs is that they provide a higher level of security than physical SIM cards: eSIMs are built into the device, making them difficult to steal or counterfeit.

Source: Hiper Textual

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