They tear the new iMac apart, encountering little surprises

The experts at iFixit took it upon themselves to tear down the latest iMac with the M3 chip. Are there really any changes compared to the previous iMac with the M1 chip?

iMac M3 teardown by iFixit

Cupertinos were surprised with new Macs at the end of October. An update beyond the new chip was expected from the iMac. These days, iFixit has taken it upon itself to perform the traditional teardown of Cupertino’s latest release. Is it the same as the previous generation?

iMac M3 is also a model with several holes

From the outside, the iMac with the M3 chip is a copy of the previous generation. Inside, iFixit shows an empty interior. Most of the iMac is located on the bottom, but accessing it requires removing the adhesive-backed display. One similarity compared to the M1 is that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas are placed exactly behind the Apple logo..

One curiosity worth knowing is that you can place a VESA adapter inside the iMac by removing the default support. Coming from Cupertino, it allows customers to choose whether they need an adapter or traditional support.

The big difference between iMac M3 and M1

Most components are inside iMac M3

Most components are inside iMac M3

The iMac M1 has two coin cell battery cells; The M3 model has only one. It is intriguing that Apple is reducing the elements in its new generation products. iFixit jokes that the M3’s battery is the most replaceable.

In this very short video you will see that there is no radical difference beyond the M3 chip. The long wait after the first generation means this new iMac is a disappointment. For the next generation, Apple needs to surprise with something new. Here you can see the features and differences between both iMacs in detail.

What tells us that over time Apple won’t waste time on this iMac to see the same continuous design that the last iMac with Intel had at the time. All Apple has is You can try to release a model with a larger screen size and said it might have another more powerful chip. The Apple series with M3 chips normally comes in 2 sizes, 13 and 15 inches in laptops for Air models, or 14 and 16 inches for Pro models.

Source: i Padizate

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