Thanks to a few interviews with Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software engineering, it’s possible to know that Stage Manager has been tested on all iPads with and without the M1 chip.

Did you know that the “Stage Manager” feature in iPadOS 16 is only for iPad running M1? Alright, we reiterate this little detail today in a few interviews with Craig Federighi.Head of software engineering at Apple.

An iPad without M1 cannot support Stage Manager

Thanks to David Phelan of Forbes, He asked Federighi if those who came directly from Cupertino were trying to fulfill the aforementioned function. To other iPads that don’t have the M1 chip. The response was strong. Initial tests were done on other iPads, but the experience was not the best so they were not satisfied.

Briefly, “Stage Manager” tests were carried out on prototypes without M1. From the beginning the experience was not good and it was obvious to the engineers responsible for it. They could not limit themselves to not offering a foundation for the future and so they decided to go above and beyond the M1 chips.

iPad Air M1

M1 chip still unrivaled

Another interview with Matthew Panzarino given to TechCrunch showed that: The M1 chip ensures that all applications in the “Stage Manager” work right out of the box. Latter, Thanks to Rene RitchieIt is known that “Stage Manager” needs a large internal memory combined with fast storage.

The launch of the iPad with the M1 heralded good functionality

It’s amazing how features can vary from one device to another. The iPad Pro with M1 has 16GB of RAM with a USB-C Thunderbolt port. The previous generation only has 6GB of RAM and the regular USB-C port. Apple has been aware of Stage Manager for a long time cast It can be confirmed thanks to the launch of the iPad Air with the M1.

iPad Air M1

The new iPad Air 2022 is as powerful as the iPad Pro

Is it as users expect? Time will tell if this feature is currently in beta. The demo at WWDC 2022 was very positive, but that will depend on the end user. In addition, Apple needs to focus this event on future iPads like the rumored iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

“Scene Manager” is the ability to improve multitasking by resizing iPad apps in overlapping windows. In a way we’ve never seen before from Apple. It will be compatible with an external display up to 6K and can run with 4 apps on the iPad and 4 apps on the external display.

Source: i Padizate

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