Reports keep popping up about what’s to come iPad created by Applea company that should be able to bring new tablets to the market with 14.1-inch screens The well-known analyst Ross Young could give some news in advance about the displays in question, talking about how it couldn’t iPad Pro but basic diversions.

According to a Tweet, the devices in question will not present themselves with such screens mini LED as suggested some time ago, and Apple’s ProMotion technology may not even be there. According to this, the devices above would not provide refresh rates 60Hzor it could be even higher numbers, with the same ones not being able to vary their refresh rate in real time to save energy and power.

Apparently the gems could launch in a few months, with Apple specifically considering early 2023 as a possible launch window for these basic iPads. However, it should be emphasized that this is unconfirmed information at this time. didn’t really confirm everything in any way, and could indeed come in time to refute what was expected by the analyst.

As for the 11-inch iPad Pro, it looks like the mini LED won’t be in place anyway, and we’ll be seeing revised versions of the 12.9-inch model with M2 chip in it in a few minutes. All that remains is to wait for news from the Cupertino giant, with the new iPad possibly also supporting 5G, as described in this article.

Source: Lega Nerd

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