One of the most commonly used means when does your iPhone get wet? is to put it in a bag of rice. This measure is so old that it has been applied to any gadget for almost two decades. However, the promise that the rice will absorb the liquid after a day According to Apple, this may be counterproductive to your device.

In the new support document Apple warns users not to put a wet iPhone in a bag of rice. The technology mentions that when doing this, small particles can damage your device. Cupertino believes that There are more effective methods to solve the problem in this day and age, so we should forget the old trick.

Starting with the iPhone XS, Apple introduced liquid detection warning, which is activated when sensors detect liquid in a Lightning or USB-C connector, cable or accessory. When this happens The system deactivates charging to avoid accidents. and resumes it until the iPhone is dry.

Apple warns that if you charge your iPhone with a wet connectorThe connector pins or cable may corrode and cause permanent damage.. However, in emergency situations, you need to call, so you can turn off the liquid detection alert and resume charging, or do it with a wireless charger.

Although iPhone is splash, water, and dust resistant, you should not wear it while it is wet. This applies to any device, since when it is connected, electricity can set the motherboard on fire and ruin your gadget. Remember that heThe iPhone warranty does not cover damage caused by liquid..

Why you shouldn’t put a wet iPhone in a bag of rice

Apple warns that If you place your iPhone in a bag of rice, the fine particles may damage the device.. According to Craig Beinecke, co-founder of TekDry, a company dedicated to “drying” your cell phone using rice. may cause dust and starch to enter the phone.

“We did a study and rice was slower than just leaving the phone on the counter. And none of them worked fast enough. After about 48 hours, only 13% of the water in the rice came out of the phone,” he said in an interview with the publication USA today.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is Insert foreign objects into the connector, such as a cotton swab or paper towel.or anything you think might dry it out. Forget about using a hair dryer, compressed air or storing it in direct sunlight as you may damage your phone.

The solution they offer from Cupertino is Gently touch the iPhone with your hand, with the connector facing down. remove excess liquid and leave in a dry place. Wait 30 minutes and connect the power cable to charge. If the warning appears again, Leave the phone in a ventilated area for 24 hours. so that it is completely dry.

If time has passed and the warning is still displayed, the connector or cable may be damaged and you should contact support.

The good news is that iPhone has been continuously improved since receiving IP68 certification. from iPhone XS. This allows you to submerge your phone at a specific depth for up to 30 minutes, reducing damage caused by accidental submersion or spills. The days of bags of rice may be a thing of the past, though this habit may be difficult to break for older users.

Source: Hiper Textual

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