SIM cards They may experience significant changes as there is now some possibility of quickly changing the network connection in a simple way and without changing the phone’s SIM card.

This is rSIM, a new technology that allows you to include a backup SIM card in your SIM card. It claims to check your device’s connection directly from the SIM card itself and automatically switch providers during failures.

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CSL Group has announced a new technology called rSIM, short for Resilient SIM. It uses patented technology to test connectivity to its own network and automatically switch providers in the event of failures. R

SIM stores two independent mobile operator profiles on one SIM card, so you always have a backup telecoms connection with you. Deutsche Telekom IoT and Tele2 IoT have been announced as the first rSIM connectivity partners.

The device connects to roaming networks to restore communication. Switching to a backup profile occurs only if the connection cannot be restored while roaming.

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