In the world of technology, competition between different brands and operating systems often results in the creation of innovative and interesting products such as iPhone clones. At first glance, these are Apple devices, but in fact they run the Android operating system. Known for their appearance, which is almost identical to that of the original iPhones, these mobile phones have gained popularity among those looking for Apple style at a more affordable price. Do you know them? Here we will show you five iPhone clones that are actually Android devices in disguise.

iPhone clones, starting with the iPhone 6, have been carefully designed to closely mimic the look of the real iPhone. Their resemblance is so striking that at first glance they can easily be confused with a genuine product. However, despite their deceptive appearance, they often differ significantly in hardware and software capabilities. The most noticeable difference is that unlike genuine iPhones that use Apple’s unique iOS operating system, these clones typically run on the Android operating system, providing a different user interface with a familiar look and feel.



The introduction of the iPhone X marked a significant milestone in the design evolution of the iPhone series, leaving a legacy that was reflected in the subsequent proliferation of clones. Among them, OWWO X stands out as an almost perfect copy of the original iPhone.

Like its Apple counterpart, OWWO X does not have a fingerprint scanner and runs Android version 7.0. Additionally, its 16MP and 5MP rear cameras and 8MP front camera offer photography capabilities that rival those of the iPhone X.

At OWWO’s launch in 2018, with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a 3,180mAh battery, the device delivers powerful performance in a form factor that’s nearly identical to the original iPhone.

For those looking for an iPhone X at a more affordable price, OWWO

Leagu S9

Leagu S9

A tempting option for those who want iPhone style. Its design is clearly inspired by Apple’s iPhone. However, this phone is not limited to simply imitating Apple; It also takes Samsung’s approach to naming, calling itself the S9 as an homage to the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.

With a 5.85-inch screen, the Leagoo S9 offers a visual experience similar to the iPhone X and its hardware does not disappoint. Running Android 8.1 and powered by the powerful MediaTek MT6750 chipset, coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, this device offers reliable performance for everyday tasks. Plus, dual SIM capability makes it even more versatile for those who need to stay connected across multiple networks.

Perhaps most surprising is its accessibility. With a starting price of $150, the Leagoo S9 is a very attractive option for those who want an iPhone X-like experience without breaking the bank. In a market dominated by high-end smartphones, the Leagoo S9 proves that quality and style don’t have to be prohibitive.

Hotwawa Symbol S3

Hotwawa Symbol S3

The Hotwav Symbol S3 is a tempting option for those looking for iPhone X style without the extra cost. With a sleek glass back and a camera very reminiscent of the iPhone X, this device has gained popularity as a clone of the aforementioned Apple phone. With a USB-C port and Android operating system, Hotway Symbol 3 offers users a modern and familiar experience.

Although Hotway Symbol 3 bears similarities to the iPhone X, it also has some distinctive features such as on-screen buttons that are not present on the Apple device. However, its notch is larger and the bezel takes up significant space around the edges of the device, meaning the screen-to-body ratio may not be as favorable as on other models.

In terms of specifications, the S3 is a dual-SIM device with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage that offers decent performance for everyday tasks. The base Android 8 Oreo operating system makes this phone user-friendly and fast for Android users.

Although the Hotwav Symbol S3 was originally released for around $400, you can still find versions with slightly different specifications on For those who are looking for an affordable device with a stylish design and some unique features, the Hotway Symbol 3 can be a great choice.

Guofon 15 Pro Max

Guofon 15 Pro Max

Known as the leaders in iPhone cloning, GooPhones are Android devices that closely mimic the look of Apple’s iconic products, but at a significantly lower price. Its popularity has reached such a point that some people refer to any super clone of the iPhone as a “GooPhone”. From the moment you look at the packaging, the GooPhones are so similar to the iPhone that it can be hard to tell the difference until you actually start using it, making them some of the best-looking iPhone clones on the market.

While there are GooPhone models ranging from iPhone X to 14, the latest in the lineup is the GooPhone 15 Pro Max. Not only does its design and packaging make it difficult to differentiate between the GooPhone and the original iPhone; even software plays a deceptive role. GooPhone’s user interface is a perfect replica of the iPhone, and you probably won’t realize you’re using an Android device until you start browsing through apps like Photos or Files. However, you’ll also notice that the Google Play Store is installed, something you obviously won’t find on a real iPhone.

Vinovo K1

Vinovo K1

The Vinovo K1 stands out as one of the most affordable iPhone clones available on the market, offering a budget alternative to the popular iPhone X, which had a starting price of $1,000. So it’s not surprising that expectations for the K1’s performance aren’t very high, especially given its low price.

Powered by the MTK6750 chipset and running Android 6.0 with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, the Vinovo K1 offers a basic set of specifications. Its 2-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera cover the most basic photography needs, but they can’t match the capabilities of the most advanced devices on the market. Despite the attractive price, the K1’s limited processing power may be reason enough to think twice before choosing this inexpensive Android phone.

In addition, Vinovo K1 is more compact than the iPhone. In short, while the Vinovo K1 may be a tempting option for people on a budget, it doesn’t offer the performance or advanced features found on higher-end devices.

Source: Digital Trends

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