Apple will allow iPhones to be repaired with used parts

This process promises to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly!

Apple expands possibilities for iPhone repair

Apple has kept its repair policy open for several years and plans to continue improving. This week the company confirmed that independent repair shops will be able to use used original Apple parts in repairs starting later this year. However, this benefit will only be compatible with some models.

Permitted parts include screens, batteries and cameras, and will eventually include biometric sensors used for Face ID and Touch ID. This new system can be used by iPhone 15 and later.

Apple admits it repaired iPhone with used parts

The main question about this innovation, about the originality of the pieces, already has an answer. Apple’s current parts “matching” process will verify whether a used part is genuine or not.

Apple says this Calibration of new and used genuine Apple parts will be performed on the device after the part is installed. So when an iPhone is repaired, a “Parts & Service History” section appears in the Settings app under General → About, and Apple says it will expand this section to show whether the original part is new or used.

Apple also announced this Customers and service providers will no longer need to provide the serial number of the device When ordering parts from your retailer for repairs that do not require replacement of the logic board.

To prevent stolen iPhones from being disassembled, Apple says it will expand the Activation Lock security feature to iPhone parts:

…If a device under repair detects that a compatible part has been received from another device with Activation Lock or Lost Mode enabled, the calibration capabilities of that part will be restricted.”

Meanwhile, Apple’s head of hardware engineering John Ternus said: New policy will be more environmentally friendly by extending the life of parts.

As the bitten apple company states, The number of service locations providing access to genuine Apple parts, tools and training has doubled in the last five years For over 10,000 independent repair providers and authorized service providers.

Apple’s self-service repair program launches in 2022, with 40 Apple products currently supported in 33 countries and regions, in 24 languages.

Source: i Padizate

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