After using the iPhone 5 for 10 years, it gave him an epic retirement

This user has not completely separated from the iPhone that has accompanied him for ten years!

Every Apple iPhone has a certain feature for which it is remembered. With its launch in 2012, the iPhone 5 was considered the device that left its mark among today’s smartphones, before and after. Introduced by Tim Cook, who currently heads the company, it was characterized by innovations in design and technical functions. Almost twelve years after that moment, It has become impossible for a user to say goodbye to his iPhone 5, at least completely.

In a Reddit post shared by jia_mincan on r/iPhone, he shared his decision to say goodbye to his iPhone 5. disassembled the device and framed it in a composition where you can see its main partswith a text containing explanation.

A user turned his iPhone 5 into a “work of art”

iPhone 5 disassembled and framed

iPhone 5 disassembled and framed

As can be seen in the post on Reddit, the creator of this “work” presented it as his farewell to the device, which he permanently retired two years ago. As he explains, Your iPhone 5 becomes your backup phone after upgrading to iPhone 11 “Other than the camera being a little blurry, he’s a total warrior.”

Although the publication It has sparked debate over how common it is for some to keep an old iPhone at homebut use newer one daily, Other users defended the value of sharing jia_mincan on a social network and do something special with your “partner” for over a decade.

Apple’s fifth generation smartphone left its mark on the market before and after and was accompanied by some very interesting features. Among these, it is worth emphasizing the following. They increased the screen size for the first time with iPhone 5In addition to being the thinnest smartphone on the market at the time, with a thickness of only 7.6 millimeters.

Another great innovation brought by the iPhone 5 is evolution of the connector. From then on, Apple mobile devices now feature the new 9-pin Lightning connector, which is also reversible.

As Apple users Most of us certainly have a favorite iPhone. One of my favorites was the iPhone 6 and I used it for four years. I currently own the iPhone 12 and thought of upgrading it with the release of the iPhone 16 this year.Have you held your iPhone for the longest time?

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