iPad Pro’s quirky new function that’s been overlooked, and we love it

This innovation of iPad Pro was overlooked, but it is much more useful than it seems

Promotional images of the new iPad Pro of 2024

Last May 7 Apple introduced new hardware products during a special event titled “Let It Loose.” The company introduced two new iPad Airs with improvements in design and specifications, as well as two iPad Pro versions with OLED technology and a powerful M4 chip from Apple Silicon.

On the other hand, Apple also introduced the redesigned Apple Pencil Pro to the world with haptic feedback and Magic Keyboard made of aluminum. But today we want to focus on: A small detail available in the iPad Pro series This caught our attention…

We are talking about an interesting innovation, especially regarding the camera module of the 2024 iPad Pro. True Tone Adaptive Flash function. Let’s see what it is!

The new iPad Pro in 2024 will have True Tone Adaptive Flash


iPad Pro camera module great new features

Apple has greatly improved the hardware components in the camera module of the two new iPad Pro models. two 12-megapixel lenses, a LiDAR scanner and… True Tone Adaptive Flash. OK, but what actually is Adaptive True Tone Flash?

The new rear camera flash of the 2024 iPad Pro automatically adapts to the ambient lighting and images appearing on the camera, just like the True Tone function of the screen. True Tone Adaptive Flash mainly focused on scanning documents.

If the user tries to scan a document in very poor lighting conditions or shadows appear on the paper, the new camera with True Tone Adaptive Flash solves this problem solve the problem automatically based on new artificial intelligence of the 2024 iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro uses AI to automatically identify documents directly from the Camera app, and when a shadow appears, it instantly takes multiple photos with the new adaptive flash and combines the scanner images to enhance their appearance.

Of course, Adaptive True Tone Flash went unnoticed during Apple’s special event in May. But you Very useful in daily living tasks The number of users, both at work and socially, makes the inclusion of this feature in the 2024 iPad Pro seem like a big success.

Again, Apple has a very good job developing hardware that can take advantage of the software features of its devices. In this case, it’s a little hint of everything Apple’s AI can do for us.

Source: i Padizate

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