Stop receiving notifications from web pages on Mac

We are in a world full of notifications on our devices, through the browser, and on websites. Here we teach you how to disable them

Safari on macOS Ventura

Notifications on our devices can be as good as they can be badDepending on the application, we need to be notified of notifications or changes. For example, a popular notification is a notification related to instant messaging. On the contrary, sometimes we are at a point in the day where we do not want to receive any notifications, and this can happen to us on Mac in addition to applications. Internet browsers have the ability to send us notifications. What if we want to disable them? In this article We will see how to disable them depending on the browser and the specific website..

Browsers allow notifications if we give prior authorization

When installing or opening a new browser, we will be notified via macOS if we want to allow notifications We can allow or block them regarding the application.

To review the created configuration, we will follow these steps:

  1. pops up System configuration
  2. click Notifications
  3. Find your favorite browser and choose it
  4. Here we will see whether notifications are enabled or not
Google Chrome macOS notifications

General Google Chrome notifications

In this section you can change certain parameters– Prevent notifications from being in Notification Center, disable notification count, sounds, preview or grouping, and presentation style. If you don’t want to receive any notifications from a browser, just disable the first general box..

Website notifications

In my personal case I don’t enable notifications, you may not want them but, What about specific websites that trigger notifications? When you enter our website we normally ask for your consent to send you notifications about new articles. In this case, you can decide from which page you will receive notifications or not.

Simply confirm the positive response in a small pop-up that will appear at the top of the web page. If you no longer want to continue receiving notifications from a web pageFollow these steps depending on the browser you choose:

  1. If you are using Safari, Click on Safari in the menu bar and then on Settings
  2. Go to: Select the Websites tab and select Notifications
  3. A list of websites that you allow or disallow from sending notifications will be displayed. Click on the drop-down options menu to change the settings.
Safari Settings

Set website notifications in Safari

On the contrary, If you are using Google Chrome, simply click the Settings icon in the address bar.. gives Click the Notifications switch. If it is not available, it means that the website in question cannot send notifications or does not have this functionality.

Quick settings for Google Chrome website

Temporarily disable website notifications in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can also configure a website and block it permanently. So that I won’t ask for your permission again to send notification:

  1. Go Google Chrome Settings on the 3 dots icon
  2. Select in the left sidebar Privacy and Security
  3. Click later site settings
  4. Later Notifications
  5. On the website you want to block, Click on the right side (3 dots icon) and select Uninstall
Remove a notification website

Remove a website from notifications in Google Chrome

Here you can also review the default behavior of Google Chrome notifications.

Source: i Padizate

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