Google Pixel 6a it would be close now, after the many rumors that the new devices of the behemoth of mountain view, which could thus have the opportunity to formalize everything and present the new articles in the not too distant future. Again, though, we’re not dealing with unofficial information about the new gems that, thanks to the main model and the Pro, should continue with what started with the base 6 Series.

In fact, it was the well-known leaker who talked about it Mukul Sharmawho spoke publicly on the Twitter platform about how google has now started production of the Google Pixel 6a in several countries of Asia, with the launch now imminent. Obviously this is not an official source, and indeed it is good to take everything with a grain of salt, but it must be said that it is a very informed user and always ready to offer great correct advancements in the technology market.

This in no way underlines when the actual unveiling date of the new devices could be, as well as the specifications they should be able to present, but it is still a matter of a good clue in view of the alleged launch that has been talked about for months. However, it must be said that a particularly convincing presentation date has already been given by the company, which will in fact hold an event Google I/O during the month of May, as described in this article.

We’ll see if in the course of the various presentations, which deepen the world of hardware, there will also be room to be able to talk about the new Google Pixel 6a smartphones, with an official statement by the company and more in-depth information about the devices that should precede a debut month of the Pixel 7 series.

Source: Lega Nerd

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